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Coombe Farm Studios

					Coombe Farm Studios

When Coombe opened in 1983, it was one of the first small artist-led centres offering residential creative courses. Today they continue to run residential courses year-round in both the UK & abroad as well as showcasing work from professional artists & makers at their on-site gallery.

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"We approached Integralvision on the recommendation of one of our industry colleagues after being very impressed with their website. Integralvision were superb at taking our concepts and turning them into reality."
Mark Ramsay MSc, MSRP, IonActive Consulting Ltd

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As the Internet is evolving so fast, you cannot be expected to keep up with all the latest developments. Our regularly updated news pages cover important Internet related stories that may impact on business websites.

10/06/12 EU Privacy Directive Update

On 26th May 2012 the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) began enforcing an EU directive from May 2011 designed to protect internet users' privacy. Under the revised Regulations the legal requirement is not just to provide clear information about the cookies, but also to obtain consent from users or subscribers to store a cookie on their device.

The aim of this legislation is to increase online security and data privacy, giving users more control over what data can be held about them. You may well have noticed that many major websites have already instigated measures to comply - the BBC website for example.

The ICO has a range of options available to it to take formal action where companies cannot prove that they are working towards compliance within reasonable timeframes. These options include committing organisations to a particular course of action, enforcement notices and possible fines of up to £500,000. read more >>>

22/05/12 Google Penguin Algorithm Update Targets poor content websites

Following on from the last Google major update known as "Panda", the new Google algorithm update "Penguin" has recently been launched. If you're website has poor content, too many links with spammy keywords, or has not been updated for the last year, be warned - Google is targeting you. This is part of Google's stated goal of providing only high quality, relevant results for searchers. Here are some things to consider if your business relies on Google to survive, or you want to improve your search engine position. read more >>>

10/01/12 Search Engines Are Winning the War on Content Farms

Largely as a result of the Google's algorithm update (code named Panda) 2011 saw low quality websites falling off the top of the search engine results.

Since then, Google has updated the algorithm a number of times, most notably with the September 28th Panda 2.5 update and the November 3rd Google Freshness update, which affected 35 percent of searches.

Over the course of the last year, a small number of our smaller site owners have felt they’d been unfairly penalised by Panda. The answer to this is to make sure you site contains plenty of fresh content, has good quality links pointing at it and the page content is relevant to your site. Basically you need to look at what can make your site an authority in your particular area so that Google values it.