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Featured Work

Oliver West & John Scott Architects

					Oliver West & John Scott Architects

Award winning conservation architects Oliver West & John Scott Architects Ltd. are based in the heart of the historic Bedford Park conservation area in Chiswick, London. For nearly 30 years they have been commissioned by church, domestic and corporate clients, who value elegant, innovative, yet sensit...

shadows of people

Our developers are able to produce complex, custom database driven solutions and web applications for your business. Whether it is a custom content management system or a ground breaking application, our experience and problem solving abilities means we can produce totally unique solutions to exactly match your requirements.

Development capability

Integralvision specialises in producing unique Web Application Development, including Web 2.0 Application Development, and bespoke Database Development for a wide range of clients and industries. Projects we have worked on include:

PDF creation system for Roderick James Architechts - Their website allows visitors to build their own brochure from a custom built "scrapbook". These can then be downloaded in PDF format.
A learning tool for the Woodland Trust that allows users to create and save PDF worksheets using a Flash-based tool. This uses XML to send information between the database, the Flash front-end, and the PHP on the server which creates the PDF.
A custom e-commerce solution on behalf of a large shopping centre. This involves integrating their legacy Retail Management System (RMS) into the backend of the sophisticated new website we are developing on their behalf.
To find out how our custom database solutions can help move your company to the next level please contact us for an informal discussion.