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Dartmoor National Park Virtual Tours website

					Dartmoor National Park Virtual Tours website

A third project for DNPA was the Dartmoor Virtual Tours website: a visual and oral presentation of personal memories from people who have lived on and loved Dartmoor. This multimedia website went on to win best website at the Southwest Media Innovation Awards.

in 2008 Integralvision was ask to install a "kiosk" version ...


Flash Animation

Client Accolades

"The Fingals website is doing really well - the great thing is that people say the reason they booked is because we have such a fantastic website!"
Richard Johnston, Fingals Hotel

animated girl stills

Want a high-impact web experience for your site? Our UK Flash animation studio is one of the top Flash animation companies in Devon. We can design and deliver distinctive, low-bandwidth web sites and multimedia using Macromedia Flash, the professional standard for web and multimedia animation.

What can you do with it?

We can produce everything from an attractive banner slideshow to tell the story of your business to a complete interactive web site using Flash. Our designers are also experienced Flash game designers which means we can produce unique online games for your site utilising Flash animation.

Don't be fooled into thinking Flash is just eye-candy. We can integrate it with backend systems to perform powerful functions such as e-commerce and online presentations.

For examples of what can be done with Flash view our Flash portfolio pages.

Director multimedia production

As well as creative Flash animation we have the expertise to offer multimedia CD ROM production. With Macromedia Director, we can create interactive content that integrates long video streams, photo-quality images, audio, animation, 3D models, text and Macromedia Flash content. These can be deployed on CD, DVD, kiosks, or the web.

Our multimedia development team has over five years experience in multimedia programming, games development and GUI design. Our multimedia developers have experience of creating Director applications ranging from games to 3D to audio installations to professional medical training applications and architecture applications.

Accessible content

Our Director team can create content that satisfies legislated requirements for accessible software. With Director we can repurpose existing content to adhere to accessibility guidelines.

You will find some examples of Flash and Director projects on our Flash portfolio pages. Once you have satisfied yourself of our expertise, give us a call to discuss your needs. Our contact details can be found on our Contact page.