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Dartmoor National Park Virtual Tours website

					Dartmoor National Park Virtual Tours website

A third project for DNPA was the Dartmoor Virtual Tours website: a visual and oral presentation of personal memories from people who have lived on and loved Dartmoor. This multimedia website went on to win best website at the Southwest Media Innovation Awards.

in 2008 Integralvision was ask to install a "kiosk" version ...

shadows of people

Integralvision maintains dedicated servers in a state of the art data centre. This provides a secure environment, with 24 hour support, uninterruptible power and fast connection to the backbone of the Internet.

Dedicated Servers in state of the art data centre

Our data centre benefits from the following features:
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system
  • Backup Power provided by diesel generators.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: 1Gbps with 30TB Internet Connection.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity is accomplished via diverse fibre from NTL Telewest and BT.
  • Main hard drive is mirrored and controlled by a RAID controller. In the unlikely event of a hard drive failure, the second drive would take over immediately.
  • Nightly Backup to external storage over the Network.

Support & Aftercare

Below are the services offered with our Service360 Standard Hosting Account.
  • Fully managed hosting.
  • One gigabyte hard disk storage allowance.
  • 20 POP email accounts and unlimited email forwarding.
  • Spam and virus filtering.
  • Domain name registration and renewal.
  • Free bug fixing guarantee.
  • Priority support.
  • Advice on optimising Products or Services.
  • Advice on developing a linking strategy.
  • Advice on e-marketing and social media.
  • Guides and news on getting the best from your online presence.

All Hosting and Aftercare services are provided subject to our published Terms & Conditions.

Other hosting accounts are available from entry level hosting to Enterprise Level Hosting.