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Radmore and Tucker

					Radmore and Tucker
Radmore and Tucker Exeter-based Gardening Equipment Suppliers new website has just launched. With over 50 years experience supplying quality equipment to the trade, professional and retail sectors, as well as being probably the largest supplier of chainsaws in the country, Radmore and Tucke also carry huge stocks of electric and petrol pedestria...

Integralvision Devon Web Design services

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Nowadays your website is more likely to be the first place potential customers will look to find out information about your company, its services and products. Whether they simply want to know how to find you, need information, or want to place an order, having a credible website is crucial to the success of your business.

Good design equals good business

Research has shown that website design can impact customer's credibility judgments. It can boost users' likelihood of believing content; it can influence their probability of trusting the organisation operating a website; it can create a strong and lasting first impression. When competing in saturated online environments, credulity is a factor that increases or decreases a users' willingness to believe, act or buy from you, as opposed to your competition.

Usability means happy customers

When visitors arrive at your website they must see instantly that the website is relevant to their needs and will deliver their goals as quickly as possible. This means good branding, clear navigation and expertly written copy. Added to this your site needs to be as accessible as possible whatever platform or browser your visitors choose.